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The Departed

South Carolina lost four players to attrition this week, as Damien Leonard, Brian Richardson, Eric Smith, and R.J. Slawson departed for opportunities elsewhere.  The college game is a dirty business in many ways, and I won’t preach or defend the choices made … Continue reading

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Around the internet

You can find us on the Half Cocked Show podcast here. We also voted in the end-of-regular season SEC power poll here. Ken Pomeroy calculated the odds of victory for each team during each step of the SEC tournament.  Our … Continue reading

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There’s been a dearth of content because I have a dearth of things to say.

As you’re well aware, since we last posted, the Gamecocks have lost to both LSU and Alabama in uninspiring fashion.  Some brief thoughts on those games and the team:

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What I’m reading: 2/13/13

Match-Fixing in Soccer by Brian Phillips.  If a sport becomes so corrupt the outcome on the field is considered pre-ordained, can it survive? It Takes a Village: How Robert Nkemdiche Found Ole Miss by Steven Godfrey.  The story of how … Continue reading

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Were you aware the new SEC tournament is kind of stupid?

So one thing I haven’t seen written about elsewhere is that the SEC has opted for a new tournament format this year with the additions of A&M and Missouri.  A reality of every 14-team conference tournament is going to end … Continue reading

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What I said, but said better

So after going off on one (or two) diatribes in the last few weeks about “learning to win,” I opened my internet today to find that Ken Pomeroy, as usual, has written the same thing I’ve written, but better. Pomeroy … Continue reading

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David Cloninger trolls world

Good lord.  I hate to give him the clicks, but fine, here you go.  Read this.  I’m glad to see he didn’t just cut and paste Scott Hood’s earlier post, and so in the same spirit, I’ll not simply re-post … Continue reading

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